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2018 Season
Rules, Regulations, and Policies

   Download a copy of the Pool#4 Rules: Click Here

The following rules and regulations have been established to make use of the pool and pool grounds both safe and enjoyable for all members and their guests. In that light, rule #1 is enforced emphatically. Please share these rules with all family members and guests prior to use of the pool facilities.

  1.THE LIFEGUARD or onsite STAFF MEMBER is to be obeyed AT ALL TIMES.
      Disobeying a lifeguard or staff member can result in loss of membership.

  2. No running - walk slowly.
  3. Children under 7, or children that are not watersafe, must be
      ACTIVELY supervised by and ADULT at ALL times.
  4. The association is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  5. The pool may be cleared at any time at the discretion of
      personnel (lifeguard / board member).
  6. Everyone must shower prior to entering the pool and after putting on sunscreen.
  7. Ice chests (coolers) will be inspected for glass and alcoholic
      beverages. If found, member/guest must remove items from the premises.
  8. No boom boxes or loud radios allowed.
  9. Pool #4 is NON-SMOKING facility.
  10. No pets allowed except for service animals as defined by ADA.

Behavior Guidelines
  11. Foul language will not be tolerated at any time.
  12. No pushing, pulling, chickenfights, shoving or horseplay on the deck or in the
        pool. No grabbing around the neck.
  13. No loitering in the gatehouse or restrooms.
  14. No hanging on the ropes, diving board, lane lines or pole.
  15. No bicycles, skateboards, etc. are to be ridden in to pool area.

Swim attire
  16. Everyone must wear appropriate and clean swimwear. All
        shorts and shirts must be hemmed.
  17. If not wearing a swimcap, shoulder length hair (or longer) must
        be braided or rubberbanded. Rubberbands are available at the
  18. Babies and non-potty trained toddlers must wear rubber pants or
       special swim pants/swim diapers while in the pool.
        Disposable diapers alone are not permitted.
        Swim diapers are for sale at the gatehouse.

Diving rules and equipment
  19. No swimming in deep end while diving board is open
  20. No climbing or diving off of lifeguard stands.
  21. No diving in the shallow area or jumping off the top steps.
  22. Maximum weight of individual on springboard must be under 250 lbs
  23. Only one bounce permitted on the diving board.
  24. Only one person at a time permitted on the diving board.
  25. No Flips are allowed off diving board. No diving or flips of any kind off
        side of diving board or from the pool deck.
No leaving the diving board backwards.
  26. Look and wait till person in front of you gets out of deep end
        before going off diving board.
  27. Artificial swimming aids and water play equipment are allowed
        at the discretion of pool personnel.
  28. No flotation devices, other than rescue tubes, are allowed in the deep end.
  29.No hard balls are allowed (example: footballs, baseballs, tennis or raquetball balls).

Supervision of minors
  30. Children under 18
        - may not have a membership card in their possession.
        - may be on the pool grounds only during lifeguard hours
          unless accompanied by a adult member.
  31. Children may not be left unaccompanied in the facility during swim lessons.
        An adult nust be actively watching them at all times.
  32. Children with floatation devices must stay where they can touch
        pool bottom unless an adult is with them in the water.

Guests and non-members
  33. Members may have guests for a fee of $2 per guest (swimming
        or non-swimming). Members are responsible for informing their
        guests of NPIA#4 pool rules prior to use of the pool facilities.
  34. Members are responsible for their guests and their actions.
        Non-compliance of pool rules by members or guest may result in ejection
        from the facility or the revocation of your pool membership
  35. Guests must be accompanied by an adult pool member (Age 18
        or over) at all times.
  36. An adult Pool #4 member must be with the party guests for the duration
        of the party
  38. All non-members must leave the pool premises at the time indicated by
        the hosting Pool4 member on the party form
  39. Lifeguard fees are $20 per hour per lifeguard if required.
        Guest fees are $3/person for parties.
        See the 2017 Party Guide for details.

  40. Party guest will not be allowed into the facility until A) the hosting Pool4
         member is present and B) it is the scheduled start time as approved
         by the Pool4 supervisor on the party form
Food and beverages
  41. Food and beverages are not permitted in the pool or on the pool
        deck area.
  42. NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL are allowed on the premises at any
  43. NO GLASS or CERAMIC containers of any kind (such as casserole dishes,
        bottled waters, seltzers and juices) are permitted anywhere on the pool
        grounds or in the picnic area. (See #7 above)
Recreational Equipment
  44. Members need to present their membership card/or an ID to check out pool
         equipment (shuffle board, ping pong, volley ball).
  45. Members will be subject to replacement cost if volleyball is lost or not returned

NOTE: Non-compliance of pool rules may result in revocation of pool membership.

   Download a copy of the Pool#4 Rules: Click Here
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